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For a fee Mountain Home Property Management will inspect your vacant house, vacation home, apartment or commercial space for any problems. It is an advantage to have someone look in on your investment. On a monthly basis we visit your property making it our priority to check indoors and out for any problems. We will provide you with comments in regards to our inspection or any other concerns you wish to have us check, especially after a storm.

To the Homeowner:

Thank you for inquiring and considering our office for managing your property. Our office has many combined years of experience in real estate management.

We can administer management on a yearly basis, whereby we continue to manage, collect rents, take care of repairs….. or you may wish to choose a ‘Lease Only’ package. A ‘Lease Only’ is where we move the tenant in and then hand over all the contracts to the Home Owner to continue the management. The fee schedule can be discussed on a personal basis.

In regards to laws and regulations for renting single or multi-family units, we have highlighted some of the more important items that must be accessible and in working order when you rent out your unit:

  • Deadbolt on all entry doors
  • Heating facilities
  • Smoke detector alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Stairs and steps inside and outside
  • Floors
  • Railings in good repair


  • Provide tenants who can be relied upon to pay their rent in a timely manner and who will take proper care of the units rented to them.
  • Make regular drive-by inspections of rental units to assure that the grounds are clean and neat and being cared for in a manner that the owners would approve.
  • Make periodic interior inspections to assure that the interior of the rental unit is being properly cared for and that all facilities are working properly.
  • Provide any needed maintenance or repairs that may become necessary in the most cost effective manner so that it will preserve or enhance the quality of the unit.
  • Keep line of communication open regarding the status of your rental unit especially when any problems or concerns may arise.
  • If desired by the Owner, make trust deed payments, association dues submittals and pay other bills related to the rental property.
  • On a monthly basis, send proceeds and documentation in a timely manner.
  • Upholding Owner’s interests in their rental units as our priority concern.


  • Provide a well qualified tenant and Move- In procedure
  • Pictures of unit inside & out
  • Collect first month rent and security deposit
  • Turn over tenant rental agreement contract and monies to Home Owner. Home Owner continues management